Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

Six Issues Towards E-Ticketing KRL

The following six issues:
1.     Even if the application of electronic tickets are still limited to 9:00 to 16:00 pm, frequent passenger queue at the counter. Queue inevitable because the system is still a force to travel in one direction so that each passenger, each time to catch the train, had to buy a ticket first. Line could occur because ticket purchase requires prospective passengers said destination station and await receipt of payment.
2.     Line at the gate when the passenger must perform tapping tickets (gate-in) or enter / return tickets (gate out). The procedure must be done in order to open the iron fence. Many passengers can not wait to face the line, then break through. This in turn can lead to other problems, such as gate ticket spewed out. Reason to catch the train also makes a line and gate often overlooked.
3.     Understanding of passengers. Many passengers from engine thrust iron gate with the force until there are up broken. There are also tapping a number of cards at once so that the machine jammed. In other cases, parents can pass through the gate but his left and through the door to be removed manually.
4.     Understanding officer. Treatment times vary so often the officers blame other colleagues at other stations to the case when gate spit out tickets or tickets can not machine readable. On the counter, proof of payment is also not always a given. Though the evidence is essential to cope with any problems that may occur with electronic tickets.
5.     Habits ticket exchange. This is possible when the non-AC trains coming in faster than the commuter train schedule, but could add complicated issues in line at the counter or gate.
6.     Doors or track circulation for passengers enter and exit the station. Restrictions on the door, as was done in the University of Indonesia and Bogor Station, now a new problem, each of protest from residents and traffic congestion.

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