Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

It took 200 Thousand Indonesian Public Accountant

Indonesia currently needs at least 200 thousand people work as a public accountant to support the performance of the national economy.
Ideally it is about 200 thousand. That means only 0.1 percent of the total population of Indonesia. Of that number is already a minimum ratio of the total Indonesian population of 230 million people, the public accounting profession is currently listed only 10 thousand or still less than Australia which has a population of less.
When compared with neighboring Australia which only has a population of about 20 million people, they have had as many as 140 thousand public accountant.
The lack of accounting profession in Indonesia is feared could hinder economic growth that is needed to create a breakthrough accountant that will support economic growth.
Moreover, the implementation of the ASEAN Free Trade area (AFTA) in 2015 requires a foundation of transparency of financial management on an ongoing basis. That Indonesia is not lost in the AFTA, the accounting profession is important. Needs to be a qualified accountant liability for Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia is currently experiencing high growth momentum and deserve to be aligned with the countries that are members of the BRICS.
To that end, ACCA opened a representative office in Indonesia to create more accounting profession and develop qualified accountants.

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