Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

Gold Investment Still Successful Reason

Can be regarded as the gold reserves of a country, supporting the value of currency, in lieu of currency, can be useful for industrial purposes, and of course the jewelry. That excess gold in meeting basic human needs.
And therefore, gold is a pretty good tool to fight inflation, because the price of gold tends to rise when the need or cost of living increases as well. The higher inflation rate, usually the better the increase in the value of gold you have.
Online gold trading may be the right choice. Moreover, with the increasing rate of inflation from year to year, resulting in rising prices, the online gold trading can be a wise choice.
Inflation itself is a rise in prices of goods and services in general, inflation can eat away at your money. If the assumption of 15% annual inflation, the price of goods and services that are now worth Rp 5 million, will be USD 10.06 million or twice in year 6, and Rp 15.3 million or three times in the year to 9 , and so on. According to severity, there are three types of inflation:
1.      Moderate inflation, is when the inflation rate was just under double digits per year (under 10 percent)
2.      Malignant inflation, is when the inflation rate is in double digits per year (10 percent - 99 percent)
3.      Hyper inflation, is when the inflation rate is in three digits per year (100 percent or more)

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