Selasa, 21 Mei 2013


My father comes from Tasikmalaya. that time there were red dates so my dad off work, I'm off to college and my brother's school holidays. we invite to our holiday but going all confused. mama who wants kepantai, father bored with the beach, we were as kids just went along where it went.
My father had an idea. "what if we vacation to Tasikmalaya course, there is no Galunggung. we can try to go up to see the crater". because the idea so brilliant father agreed to go there all holiday visiting family there. because mama did not want to mount, no mama finally come and we have to bring my sister who was 2 years old.
After arriving in Tasikmalaya, the next day morning we headed Galunggung tour. to arrive at the parking lot where his path was quite steep, uphill, derivative, its path is still not good enough. approximately 2 hours for reaching there. arrived in the parking lot, I was with my sister decided to go upstairs to see the crater by climbing 620 stairs. father did not come up because my sister 2-year-old asleep in cars.
Well after going through the hundreds of stairs was then able to see the charm of the famous crater Galunggung kedasyatannya that one reality dalah eruptions of dust that reaches the State Kangaroo Australia. on the way to Mount Galunggung will also see the former railway line, because it is a former sand dredging project results from the eruption of Mount Galunggung.
Not only look at the crater alone, we can enjoy the beauty of nature while soaking in hot water and also usually the other visitors that will bring lunch to eat together. almost more than 5 heated swimming pool and there is also a soaking diruangankan usually paid 3000 s / d 5000 per 15 minutes.

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