Selasa, 21 Mei 2013


Dated 23 April 2013 around 2.30 am the people around my house yelling "fire fire fire" "fire fire fire". we were fast asleep suddenly woke up the cry. after we woke up from a deep sleep it turns out the fire because the fire has been enlarged from the right side of my house.
Actually before the fire bigger both my parents had woken up but the person who lives next to my house saying "thief thief" when it fires. because it is only the second thief did not my parents out of the room to see. after one of my neighbors said the fire we got up. we were in a hurry to save yourself from a big fire it. do not think of more stuff is the most important critical letter was carried away and we were all safe.
5:30 am the fire was extinguished. God bless you ..... God still leaves the second attempt my parents, so there's nothing left. 2nd floor to the living room was consumed by the flames. clothing was left just used that night alone.
This all trials of the almighty. what we can only be thankful that God has given to us. we believe there is no calamity which God gave to his people that there was no way out.

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