Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013


3 months has gone from a very special adventure. Exact date of february 23 to 28, started a small adventure. We are comprised of approximately 15 people, 7 of them women and the rest men. Of 15 persons only 1 person who has been to the place where we were headed, but it's been a long time .. He had also been forgotten.
We decided to plan our adventure to eastern java, there a lot of natural beauty are still very natural. No mountains, small islands and many more. Because we were all "newbies" so we decided to Bromo and Sempu island.

New style evening train ready to take us to get there at the station. Quite tiring on the train but because we are so abuzz fatigue was paid. The next day we are looking for home stay for us to mount Bromo. Her morning we set out to use a jeep to travel around Bromo. There are arguably teletubis hill, whispering sand, desert and savanna still more ... We did not waste this moment as we were taking pictures here and there. For a short time, we also have to move on to the blue spring to go to the Sempu island. We went home to our lodging for the clean up, bath and others do not there is a laggard.
In the spring until midnight blue ...
Since the middle of the night, we decided to look for lodging near it. Noon we set out to use a small boat to the Sempu island. Not until the fishing boats Sempu island but still a long way to get there again. Where we have to pass through the forest. The surrounding community, if you have not been to the island Sempu should use a guide so as not to get lost. We also listened to the community.
4 hour trip in the forest was resolved. In the woods too many unexpected events. Slippery terrain that makes our friends fall, because the tired and thirsty then drink any water. Field is somewhat heavy, drizzling pretty slick out in the forest even when difficult to recognize the attitude and nature of each 15 people. there are angry, selfish, because tired of being silent, because tired of being angry, there is a cool and much more ...

Sempu Island 

And even now we all difficult to forget this exciting adventure.

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