Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Tugas 1 (b.Inggris)

1.  If she borrows your coat, then you should  be able to borrow her.
             A                                             B          C                  D
          Answer       : D (her)
          Should be   : it
 2. When she retired in 1989, tennis champion  Christine Evert was the most 
                 A                             B                                    C            
famous women athlete  in the United Stated.
          Answer       : B (tennis champion)
          Should be   : tennis player
   3.   If Rudy would have studied  German in college, he wouldn’t have found the
                   A                                 B         
scientific terminology so difficult to understand.
                       C                                          D
Answer       : A (would have studied)
Should be   : would had studied 

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